Arn Tellem Sports Agent of Wasserman Media Group, Certified MLB Sports Agent

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Agent: Arn Tellem, Wasserman Media Group

Certified MLB Sports Agent
Certified NBA Sports Agent

Services Provided:
Consumer Advertising / Endorsements
Goodwill Ambassador Relationships
Charitable Endeavors
Appearances / Speaking Engagements
Collectibles & Memorabilia
Public Relations

Haverford College, B.A., '76

Firms Active Contracts Negotiated: Over 500

Arn Tellem - SFX

Soft-spoken, intellectual and thoughtful, Tellem comes across more like a college professor than a major deal-broker. But Tellem represents — or oversees agents who represent — an astounding 16.6 percent of Major League Baseball clients and 18.2 percent of NBA players. He oversees 12 baseball agents, representing 125 MLB players, and seven basketball agents, representing 79 NBA players. Athletes he personally represents include Jason Giambi, Hideki Matsui, Barry Zito, Tracy McGrady, Jermaine O’Neal and Reggie Miller.

His list of major clients has included some very famous names:
• Jason Giambi
• Hideki Matsui
• Barry Zito
• Tracy McGrady
• Jermaine O’Neal
• Reggie Miller

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